What people are saying about our products:

Perfect for the beach

By Larry Hicks on August 21, 2017

This product is great and exactly what we needed! We live right on the beach and have replaced our garage door hardware three times in seven years due to rust. I took others’ advice and sprayed them with “oil rubbed bronze” spray paint for plastic. You would never know they are plastic and look great!

Five stars

By Andrea Lee on April 2, 2017

So far I love what I see (Signature Hardware). Happy with the price and the shipper!

Amazing! Very easy!

By Corinne Wale on June 26, 2017

These are AMAZING! You cannot even tell they are fake—not even while standing next to it! Very easy to install. Hint: use two people for installation—it is much easier and faster. All the parts come with it, you just a drill a hole with a 1/8 bit. We had two doors to do and it took about 30 minutes.

Huge transformation!

By Chealsy on July 10, 2017

Wow! What a difference these windows and hardware make on a house! They look so real! Everyone that came to my house thought I had invested in a new garage door! Great purchase!

Fabulous update

By D. Perrault on July 20, 2017

These simulated windows will completely change the look of your garage doors. A fabulous, inexpensive update. All of our neighbors have commented how nice it looks. Very happy with this purchase.

Worth the price to enhance ho hum cookie-cutter home

By Myomi on July 29, 2017

Perfect and well-made, very believable. I gave 5 stars because the product lacks nothing. My mistake was not checking the size of my garage door, therefore the window was just a tad too large for my garage. Make sure to measure before you purchase, I thought that it was a standard size to fit most. Very disappointed, but the product is a great idea.

Love these!

By MnGirl on August 16, 2017

These were added to our garage two years ago and still look fantastic. Really improved the curb appeal of our home!

I bought these for my parents and they are fabulous!

By Megan Knapp on December 27, 2016

I bought these for my parents and they are fabulous! Let me tell you it was -27 degrees outside and super windy! They have stayed on without any issues! I’m not one who writes a lot of reviews but wanted to express how great I think this product is! Great idea, great price and I have shown the video to many people, all of whom have thought they would purchase for themselves! Now my parents are thinking about adding windows…

These accent windows add a ton of character

By audreyofdc on May 27, 2016

These accent windows add a ton of character to our standard double garage door (we ordered 2 sets). The install was quick with two people and the windows look pretty realistic when you walk or drive by, it’s only when you get closer that you can see they are not real and even then you’d need to know to pay attention to that. With the instructions came a flyer explaining the 15-year warranty, which I didn’t even realize these came with… our garage door looks 100% improved—very happy!

Perfect look

By James W. Frankovic on October 18, 2016

Perfect look and very easy installation.

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