FAQs: Prior to Installation

Where can I buy the Coach House Accents faux windows and decorative hardware?

You have options!  You can buy online at Amazon.com, or direct from the manufacturer site at NorthShoreCommercialDoor.com

If you are a professional garage door installer or service company, you can buy from our aftermarket website at Action-Ind.com

Who is the manufacturer of the Coach House Accents products?

Coach House Accents decorative faux windows, handles and hinges are proudly American-made and manufactured by Action Industries in Evansville, Indiana.  We assemble and distribute our kits from our warehouses across the country located in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Is the window made of real glass?

No. The material being used is Plexiglas.

Can I paint the window frame if I choose?

Yes, you can paint over the window frame with exterior grade latex; however, do not use an oil-base coating. You will have to mask off the Plexiglas prior to painting and you will need to repaint the frame as required with normal weathering.  Our window installation instructions include information about painting guidelines.

How much do your windows weigh?

Windows weigh approximately 5 pounds each. The shipping weight of the complete kit as purchased (containing two simulated windows, mounting hardware, and packing material) is 17 pounds.

Can I put the decorative windows over my current garage door windows?

We don’t recommend this action over existing windows due to factors that involve the fit and functional operation of your garage door.

My hardware overlaps my panels. Will this hinder the operation of my door?

Yes. Currently our hardware is not designed to overlap panel sections. With the inconsistent movement of garage doors as they open and close, an overlapping product is not feasible.

Will installing your product impact the operating of my door?

Installation of our product in most cases will not impact the operation of your door. A credible garage door dealer could make adjustments to your door springs and opener should it be required.

Does your product mount to all garage door materials like wood, steel, etc?

Yes, our product is designed to install to a wide range of building materials. Just remember to measure your door stamping if you have one on your current door.

How do I know if the decorative window will fit my garage door?

The decorative window was designed to be compatible with as many door-panel stampings as possible, but the best way to be sure is to measure your current garage door panel to see that it is not greater than 45 1/4 inches wide and 16 5/8 inches tall. Signature decorative will also fit flat-panel doors.

Can I provide additional attachment beyond the provided screws?

Yes, if desired, you can apply a bead of Liquid Nail around the outer perimeter of the decorative window’s back side at application. (Be sure that this adhesive does not make contact with the front of the part in any way).

Your product stands out from the surface of the door versus flat. Will it interfere with the opening of my current garage door?

Our product is designed with a max height of 3/8 inch (industry standard) which under normal building conditions should not interfere.

Is your decorative window a functional window?

No. The Coach House Accents decorative window is a simulated window that provides security and curb appeal to your garage door and home. They will not serve as “real” windows.

What is your product made of?

Our window frames are made of automotive-grade plastic resin. Decorative hardware is made of automotive-grade plastic resin, chrome-plated, and finished with automotive clear-coat for superior weathering.

Does this product meet wind load requirements?

Our products attach securely to the garage door panel, which conforms and meets regional and local wind load requirements.

FAQs: Upkeep After Installation

Will the screws rust?

The screws are made of stainless steel material and are manufactured not to rust.

Will moisture get into my garage door when I drill holes to attach the decorative window?

Coach House Accents decorative window design and installation incorporates a rubber washer to go around each screw and provides a seal between the garage door and the decorative window.

Will my decorative window Plexiglas fog over or become hazy over time?

The decorative window Plexiglas will not fog up as it is an opaque material (solid throughout) and material has been designed and tested to only incur a very minor fade over extended years of weathering.

If necessary, can I get replacement Plexiglas?

No. The Plexiglas is attached to the frame at installation and can not be removed without damaging the window frame.

Do Coach House Accents products rust?

No. The advanced materials and plating technology we use will never corrode.

How do I clean the product once it is installed?

To clean decorative windows and decorative hardware, wash with plenty of non-abrasive soap or detergent and water (example: Dawn Dish soap). Use the bare hand to feel and dislodge any caked dirt or mud. A soft, grit-free cloth, sponge or chamois may be used as a means to carry water to the parts. Do not use hard, rough cloths that will scratch the parts. Dry with a clean damp chamois if desired.

Coach House Accents® offer a variety of decorative faux windows and hardware for garages that are easy-to-install and fully secured.

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