DIY Homeowner

With Coach House Accents, anyone can give their garage a facelift that’s the envy of the neighborhood at an affordable price! Whether you’re looking for up-scale highly reflective faux windows that look real from the curb or an assortment of handles and strap hinge accessories, Coach House has you covered with American-made quality. The products we carry can be easily installed by screwing them directly onto your door for a secure fit you can do yourself without any professional help.

These products are made to last and use ASA plastic, which is designed to hold up in outdoor weather for years. The absence of metal means you won’t have to worry about rust disintegrating your decor, which can be an especially annoying problem in climates prone to moisture.

Coach House faux windows were designed with customization in mind. Choose between Heritage and Signature styles in either white and sandstone colors. You can also paint over the window overlays to match any garage door too! With Coach House, all you need is a screwdriver and your bare hands to make your dream garage door a reality.

Coach House Accents® offer a variety of decorative windows and hardware for garages that are easy-to-install and fully secured.

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