Comparison vs. Magnet Overlays

The DIY home improvement market is flooded with cheap magnetic garage door accessories, so what makes hardware that must be screwed into a door so special? For one, the screw-in technology Coach House utilizes is far more secure than magnets and can’t be plucked off your door by thieves and will be held firm during extreme weather and high winds, which is ideal in coastal regions that may be prone to extreme weather like hurricanes.

Many door accessories are made with metal, and when metal is exposed to air, moisture, and the elements they will rust and begin to disintegrate. That means installing magnets in coastal areas or climates with ice and snow will result in the accessories losing their appeal within a few years. That’s why we supply products made with acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) plastic, which doesn’t rust and is specifically designed to hold up in outdoor weather so you can get that rustic look you want without the rust!

Unlike cheap and flimsy magnets prone to warping and disintegration, we work with quality materials that give our hardware a realistic edge that doesn’t look cheap like other brands. The stylish and highly reflective simulated window panes from our faux windows look real from the curb, and the powder-coated crinkle finish on the handles and hinge decor we carry will help you create modern or traditional garage door designs with a professional look and a lasting lifespan.

While metal hardware can often cost a pretty penny, ASA plastic is known to be an affordable alternative, and our screw-in technology makes for an easy installation. When you choose Coach House Accent’s American-made products, you’re choosing quality.

Coach House Accents® offer a variety of decorative windows and hardware for garages that are easy-to-install and fully secured.

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