Professional Garage Door Dealer

As a dealer, consumers expect you to know the ins and outs of the industry and have the products they require in stock and ready to install. If a customer wants to renovate their garage door on a budget or install American-made products that won’t disintegrate in climates prone to rust, show them Coach House Accents! Installing traditional garage door windows can be an expensive undertaking, but our faux windows get the same look without the hassle by easily screwing them into a garage door. They come in Heritage and Signature styles for customization as well as white and sandstone, but the windows can be painted to match any garage door. Customers who live in extreme climates will benefit from the ASA plastic used in these products, as it can’t rust and is specifically designed to hold up in outdoor weather for years.

If your customers desire stylish accessories made from ASA plastics, we supply decorative handles and hinges that are made in the USA.

If you are a professional garage door dealer, simply click on the “For Dealers” button to get access to our authorized dealer discount pricing on the Action Industries website.

Coach House Accents® offer a variety of decorative faux windows and hardware for garages that are easy-to-install and fully secured.

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