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Comparison vs. Magnet Overlays

The DIY home improvement market is flooded with cheap magnet overlays… find out why Coach House Accents is a better alternative!

DIY Homeowner

Allow our decorative windows & hardware help you on your endless quest to be efficient and cost-conscious while enhancing your home curb appeal.

Homeowners Association (HOAs)

Residents expect their neighborhood to be well-kept and look the part, but increasing curb appeal on a mass scale can be a daunting (and expensive!) task. We can help!

Home Service Contractor

As a home service contractor or handy service, you take pride in helping your clients. Our solutions will help delight your clients, while also growing your business!

Real Estate Agent

A home’s curb appeal is what will immediately catch a buyer’s attention, for better or worse. Our products are ideal for selling agents and their clients!

Professional Garage Door Dealer

As a dealer, customers expect you to know the ins and outs of the industry and have the products in stock and ready to install. Coach House Accents is a line you’ll want access to, on behalf of customers!

Security Company

If your security client values style and has valuable property, don’t give criminals a sneak peak and invest in safe and secure Coach House Accents!

Coastal Region

If extreme weather and winds are a concern where you live or even vacation, Coach House has you covered – and you don’t have to worry about the wind/impact rating compliance of real windows.

Coach House Accents® offer a variety of decorative windows and hardware for garages that are easy-to-install and fully secured.

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